Carol T – Sewer

Brian and his crew were exceptional!  From the estimate to completion, I could not have asked for a better experience.  It’s clear that Brian loves his job and knows every inch of it expertly.  The crew worked efficiently, cleaned up after themselves each day and took necessary safety precautions.  Every step of the project was clearly explained and all my inquisitive questions were answered cheerfully. 

I have used Olson in the past for air conditioning and boiler repairs.  I have never been unhappy with any of the technicians that have worked for me; I totally trust them and find their prices to be fair.

Jack W

I found the people at Olson to be very professional, efficient and caring.  They provide quality work when needed and always deliver service with a smile.  I will always call Olson when I need plumbing work done. 

Lecia P – Plumbing

This company is fantastic to work with! I worked with them for years at my first home; when we moved, our new house needed a furnace replacement.  I got bids from five companies total.  Olson was the ONLY company to address the ductwork in the house.  All of the other companies had told us that the new furnace would take care of the uneven temperatures in the house. We had two rooms that were ice cold, and the basement was so stuffy we could hardly breathe down there.  Olson explained that the original 1950s ducts were small and the airflow was uneven.  They proposed a shortcut plan to fix the issue, rather than replacing all the ductwork, which would have been a major construction effort.  The house now has much more even temperature throughout.  The high-efficiency part has delivered as well; our heating bills have dropped quite pleasantly.

Lecia P – Heating and Air Conditioning

Olson saved our house.  They identified that our boiler wasn’t working properly immediately after another provider had come and gone, supposedly leaving everything in working order.  Olson repaired everything completely and accurately.  They resolved our problem all during a weekend with subzero temps and non-stop emergency calls all over town.

Kristin H – Plumbing

Initially, I tried to repair a leaky one-lever faucet after researching the process both online and with the plumbing pro at the hardware store.  I did everything according to the directions, but the faucet was now completely inoperative.  I called Olson; they booked me for an evening appointment.  Minutes later, I got a call informing me that another customer canceled and they asked me if I would like a plumber to come right then.  Quickly after, an Olson technician arrived.  He undid my work and discovered that the problem was not a leaky faucet assembly, but instead a damaged connector hose.  Warning me that the hose style was no longer widely available, he asked if I would like him to purchase a new faucet.  We agreed that he should use his best judgment to find a comparable model for the replacement.  He left and returned within 30 minutes with a new faucet.  He switched the models quickly and even cleaned out the area under the sink for me! Not only did I pay the regular daytime rate, he even gave me a discount!  The Olson technician was courteous, pleasant, kept a clean work area, and didn’t laugh at my attempt to fix my own plumbing.

David K – Gas Leak Repair

During the course of a home remodel, Olson completed the plumbing of a new outdoor water faucet, installed a new natural gas line, pulled all the permits and assisted me in building and plumbing a new hot tub. We have used Olson exclusively as our plumbing and heating contractor for over 20 years and they have always provided unmatched service.

Olson’s work is exceptional. They complete all tasks on time, on budget and without any problems. Frank and Casey are pros who give great attention to detail and work with friendly, professional and reliable attitudes.  Olson is the best plumbing and heating contractor we have ever worked with.

Beverly H – Heating and Air Conditioning

Olson’s service is great.  They came within an hour of calling them.  I wouldn’t go to anyone else for plumbing or heating.  They are on time, inexpensive, professional, and kind.  They always notify me before they come. I’ve been using them exclusively for eight years.  

Norman W, Memorial Hospital – Boiler Replacement

The boiler replacement project at Memorial Hospital Central was very complex.  This project had intensive planning, and having Olson’s input throughout the design-build team was critical to its success in completion. 

Three challenges particularly highlighted the quality of the teamwork throughout the project. First, everyone understood the priority of patient safety and planned whatever was necessary to minimize impact on the hospital.  Second, the team managed to work with budget difficulties.  They truly shared a sense of priorities and cooperated on the tough decisions to keep the project on track.  Third, the team shined when working together during crane operations.  It was the culmination of months of site preparation, detailed planning, and intense coordination by all disciplines.  All efforts showed during the removal and replacement of the building’s roof, and the removal and insertion of boilers.  All was completed on schedule without damage, injury or mishap; we even got a cool time-lapse video to prove it!

We truly appreciate Olson’s involvement and teamwork during the project and look forward to continuing a cooperative relationship through many projects in the future.

Robert L – Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement

My wife and I moved to the Springs in 1984, and a friend recommended Olson for any needs we had relating to plumbing and heating.  Over the years, the team at Olson has helped us out with leaky pipes, numerous hot water heaters and now a new furnace/AC unit.

I contacted Olson when my wife and I were looking for a new furnace and adding central air conditioning to our home.  Alex, a technician, came over to give us an estimate right away.  I also contacted two other companies in town to get their estimates.  To be honest, all three were ‘in the ballpark’… the difference for us was our past experience with Olson and particularly the way Alex presented himself; he represented Olson in a very professional manner.  During the few months of consideration, Alex was always open to my many questions, constantly being friendly and courteous.  Because of the placement of the furnace in our garage, the closet it was located in no longer met the building structure code.  Alex helped arrange for a carpenter to come in and rebuild the room and made sure the project was completed and inspected. 

I can’t say enough about the service Olson (and in particular, Alex) has provided us.  We have always found the team’s work to be done well and on time. Plus, the members have always acted in a professional manner.  Olson is a great asset to Colorado Springs.

David S, El Paso County – Water Leak

On a Monday afternoon late December, El Paso County’s Citizen’s Service Center experienced a water leak in a 3-inch copper tee on the water main to the building.  After determining that the pipe would not rupture overnight, we called Olson Plumbing and Heating Co. the next morning to assist us in responding.

To make this repair, the entire building’s domestic water supply had to be shut down.  The date also posed difficulty as it was not only the end on the month, but it was the end of the year. As it turned out, not all County offices were able to close early that day meaning the work could not begin until 5:00 pm.  As you know, thousands of people utilize the Citizen’s Service Center daily.  Olson’s men, Frank Cerjan, Casey Aragon, and Warren Richardson, arrived and combined to impress us with their technical competence, attitude, and dedication to getting the job done right.

The team did a fantastic job working steadily from 5-8:30 pm to replace the 3-inch tee to make sure our facility would open in the New Year without any delay or utility outage.  The work was outstanding and the cooperation and professionalism exhibited by these three technicians were significant.  I personally appreciate the work Olson’s employees performed under unusual constraints.  We always receive top-shelf service and effective solutions to our mechanical requirements.

Frank C – Furnace Installation

From my initial call, through the estimation process and final installation, I have been impressed with the professionalism displayed by the team members at Olson.  Customer service took the initial call, gave me concrete information, and set up the estimate process with Mark. 

During my dealings with Mark, I enjoyed his honesty and professionalism.  I received my quote within a day, and he took care of scheduling the installation as soon as I gave the OK to do so.

Olson’s installer, Ben, was my final contact with the company.  I realize that the people Olson sends into other people’s homes are the face of the company.  Ben’s competency was evident, little-wasted motion, and he did all the tasks that were agreed to at the beginning of the project.  What impressed me the most was the time he took after the installation was complete to make sure I understood the workings of the furnace.  He explained the CO detectors as well as took the time to assist in programming my new thermostat.  I have dealt with other individuals in other trades where they could not wait to leave the premises.

Olson has solid professionals as the face of the company.  Olson now has a customer for life, regarding any plumbing issues.

Mike S

My wife and I experienced a critical plumbing issue during the sale of our home. The team at Olson went above and beyond, making numerous calls to assure things would be taken care of quickly.  Because of their dedication to customer service, Olson helped us avoid contract cancellation while selling our home. Olson is the best in the business.